I was skeptical. I had never had much relief through chiropractic treatment. However after two initial visits, my lower back and sciatic pain diminished. Upon review and analysis of the x-rays, Dr. Kevin showed me the deterioration of my hip which prompted me to initiate and pursue an eventual hip replacement. While waiting for the surgery, regular adjustments and massage helped me to relieve the chronic pain, allowing me to continue working until the day of the surgery. It truly takes a family of health providers to maintain good health.

Patricia Suelzle, Teacher,

We would like to comment on our whole experience at Barlow Centre, for that is what brings us back! Not only with our improved quality of life, there is the supportive and caring environment that you find yourself in every time you enter! That is truly what makes the healing process special and easy at Barlow Centre.



Norm and Sue Graham,

I have been going to Barlow Centre for Active Living for over 15 years. I began with the massage services and quickly began using the chiropractic and laser services as well.

The team at Barlow Centre are not only welcoming and professional but truly the best at what they do. They take the time to listen and assess, and then work with you for a solution to ensure you are always at your best.

Being a highly active person, teaching group fitness, personal training and active in martial arts and dance, it's imperative I maintain a healthy spine and body. Over the years the team at Barlow Centre have helped me to do just that. For that I am ever grateful and would recommend them to anyone looking to be the best they can be.


Robin O'Grady, Personal Trainer

For almost 15 years I have suffered from lower back sprains and strains on almost an annual basis. Since visiting Barlow Centre for Active Living, I have not had a recurrence in almost four years. This has greatly improved my health.


Shawn Lowe, 2015 Elite Street Stock Champion